Smith Legacy–Chapter Twenty-Eight

Smith26-08I really hope The Sims 4 has a better random outfit generator!

Magenta was determined to have ‘normal’ descendants, so she used a potion on Megan when she least expected it.

Unfortunately for Magenta, this potion turned out to be a ‘witch’ potion instead of a ‘human’ potion. Still, Megan was rather pleased with her new powers.


Despite having new magical powers, Megan still felt the pressure of being the Smith heir. Soon after growing up and beginning her journey into adulthood, she found herself spending hours on dating websites, trying to find a suitable husband.


Sadly, this brings us to the end of the Smith legacy story. I’ve run out of time, as The Sims 4 is just about here, and my Sims 3 game has stopped working thanks to my attempts to get it to run more smoothly! I will continue blogging about The Sims, and with any luck I’ll be able to get a legacy family going in The Sims 4!


Smith Legacy–Home Lot

Since The Sims 4 is nearly upon us, that means my Sims 3 Smith legacy will be coming to an end. I did manage to finish building and furnishing their new home on their original legacy lot, so I thought I’d show it off! I’m a pretty lazy builder, so I’m pretty proud of myself for finishing this house. Click on the images if you want a larger view.







I’m really looking forward to the improved build mode in The Sims 4!

Smith Legacy–Chapter Twenty-Seven


Elizabeth decided that one last overseas trip was in order. She headed to Egypt to experience a few of the unique local sights…


Like old people skinny dipping in public fountains… She also explored a few tombs before heading home.


With all the renovations happening back home, no one had paid the bills, meaning another visit from the dreaded Repo Man. Megan caught him in the act and was scarred by the experience.


Elizabeth returned home without a care in the world. She knew that mere possessions were easily replaced. Still, she would remember to pay her bills in the future.

Smith Legacy–Chapter Twenty-Six


Magenta was asked out on yet another date – it seemed that the men of Dragon Valley just couldn’t get enough of her! This latest date was a bit odd, as when Magenta went to the proposed location, all she found was a junkyard… It seemed her suitor had changed his mind after all!


Elizabeth decided she wanted a change in her old age, and opened a resort in Dragon Valley. It was the very first of its kind in the town, but as Elizabeth soon discovered, running a resort was no mean feat.

It wasn’t long before the resort was closed due to being unprofitable, and Elizabeth realised that she wanted a quieter retirement, and sold the resort.

Megan spent her teenage years honing her skills and trying to decide how she would carry on the proud Smith name. Eventually she decided that cooking would be her career. Smith27-04

Elizabeth used the money she received from the sale of the resort to finance renovations of the Smith homestead.

Smith Legacy–Chapter Twenty-Five

It was a time of change in the Smith household. Magenta decided it was time to turn her remaining child, Alexandra, into a mortal.


Alexandra didn’t mind being mortal, at first, but she soon started to miss her pretty fairy wings and other powers. She sought solace in food, buying herself numerous kitchen gadgets to keep things interesting.


Of course, since she was already at the top of her game food-wise, Alexandra decided it was time to pursue her REAL life goal of becoming rich and famous. She quit her job as a world-renowned chef, and headed to the recently-opened movie studio, hoping the career change would keep her busy and help her climb the celebrity ladder.


Meanwhile, Elizabeth had already been mortal for quite some time, and old age finally caught up with her.

PS: The Sims 4 Create a Sim Demo is finally available! You can find it in Origin under Free Games/Demos. The download seems to be about 1GB. 

Smith Legacy–Chapter Twenty-Four


Smith24-02Now that she was a human Sim, Elizabeth realised that her days were numbered. There was no longer infinite time to complete her lifetime goal of becoming a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder, and her fishing skills (or lack thereof) were holding her back.

Soren, finding the adjustment to (un)life as a vampire a bit of a strain, was spotted conversing with an unhatched dragon egg at a friend’s party. Needless to say, the other guests gave him a wide berth at that party.

It was around this time that his family decided it would be best if Soren moved out. He agreed, somewhat reluctantly, to take his nephews Eric and Charles with him, as well as their sister Miranda, who it seemed would remain eternally youthful.


Elizabeth’s quest to improve her fishing skills meant she had to fit it around her busy schedule at the science facility. She fished whenever, and wherever, she could.


With fewer Sims in the house, Alexandra decided to get to know her remaining niece Megan. If Megan was put off by Alexandra’s sudden skin colour change (the result of eating a jelly bean off Magenta’s new plant), she hid it well.


Megan soon had other things to worry about, in fact, as she investigated some strange lights that appears over the house one night. Moments later an alien craft appeared, pulling her into its depths!

Megan was returned a few hours later, physically unharmed but mentally troubled by her experience with the aliens. Still, she reckoned if she could handle such a strange event, the last few years of high school ought to be a breeze!

[Note: It was around this time that I started to have serious trouble with my game. From slow/choppy gameplay, to hard freezes during load screens, I resorted to a number of mods to help improve gameplay. Unfortunately the mods couldn’t help Miranda and her aging up problem, which is why she got evicted along with the male members of the household!]

Smith Legacy–Chapter Twenty-Three


Soren spent some time down in the basement beneath the greenhouse, mixing different fruits and seeing what nectars he could create. He reckoned his first attempt turned out pretty well!


Magenta thought she was just having a friendly conversation with her grandson Charles, but she didn’t take into account his rather… insane tendencies. There relationship was permanently damaged after Charles slapped her. The other family members tried their best to get out of the way as fast as possible.


Alexandra avoided any conflict by concentrating on her cooking, preparing many meals and using whatever space she could find.


Fortunately, there’s nothing like a fire in the living room to bring the family together. Soren saved the day with his quick thinking and skill with a fire extinguisher.


And there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition while honing those gaming skills!