Keeping up with the Joneses #46


On one of her walks around the neighbourhood, Callie discovered a huge tree, much bigger than any other she had seen. Something told her to care for the tree.


After several visits where Callie talked to and cared for the great tree, she noticed something she hadn’t seen before.


There was an opening in the great tree’s trunk. An opening large enough for a Sim to squeeze into. There seemed to be a sound coming from inside the tree. Was the tree at last talking back to her? Further inside, Callie came across a stream, and she decided to follow it, and eventually she entered a strange mist.


Through the mist, Callie at last spotted an exit, and found herself in Sylvan Glades, a beautiful and apparently untouched spot.


Callie spent the rest of the day in the special place she had discovered, and wondered if she would share the secret with her family. Was she truly the first Jones to discover this magical place? She thought perhaps she was.


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