Keeping up with the Joneses #33


After the fight, Callie’s neighbour felt he had to say something. Callie was a little bit stunned, reeling both from the stranger’s strong words, and from her recent fight. The fact that she had started all the unpleasantness in the first place didn’t really occur to her until later. And in any case, she had to get that career performance up!


Once she had cooled off, Callie decided to call up Lane. He eagerly came over to visit right away. Callie was taken aback when she saw how Lane had aged, apparently overnight!


Callie knew there was no time to lose, as she didn’t much fancy trying to seduce another Sim.


Callie decided to propose to Lane, hoping she would get a positive answer.


Lane was surprised by Callie’s spontaneity, but he accepted! Now they just had to plan the wedding!

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