RotRL: The Iron Cages of Lust

delvahineAfter resting in the mansion that Ciaran had conjured, the heroes moved on to a new wing of Runeforge – that of enchantment, associated with Runelord Sorshen and the sin of lust in Thassilonian times.

This wing consisted of a single gigantic room filled with cages containing long-dead victims of the denizens of the wing. There was one crazed man still alive, but he was too insane to provide anything useful for heroes. In the centre of the room was a huge pavilion made of silk sheets.

Before the heroes could enter the pavilion, however, they were intercepted by four succubus-like demons who attempted to stop the heroes from interacting with their prisoner or disturbing their mistress within the pavilion. When the heroes would not comply, the demons attacked, using their ranseurs when their charm magic failed to sway the heroes.

After the demons fled, the heroes gained access to the pavilion, easily defeating the stone giant guards. Deeper within the pavilion, they faced the succubus mistress and her remaining minions. Her charm magic managed to affect Nanali, who turned her powers on Cecil before Ciaran trapped her in a magical sphere. The succubus proved to be a challenging foe, but she was not able to flee before the heroes cornered and slew her, despite the efforts of her minions and her shining children guards.

With one of the succubus’ toys in hand, the heroes returned to the central Runeforge room to recover before exploring another wing.


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