Keeping up with the Joneses #24


The twins were devastated by the loss of their mother.


Bryant did his best to keep the house in good order.


Callie spent hours crying at Shelly’s grave.


She cried just about everywhere else, too, even in the shower.


Bryant worked hard to improve his cooking skills so that he could further his career and, in so doing, provide for his daughters.


All that work, plus the emotional drain, took its toll on poor Bryant. It was a hard time for the Jones family.


Review: Alternate Dungeons: Mystic Ruins

AD_Mystic-Ruins_2201Alternate Dungeons: Mystic Ruins from Raging Swan Press is a short PDF packed with a wealth of ideas for a GM who wants to run a slightly different dungeon.

As the name suggests, this product is aimed at game masters who want something out of the ordinary. The PDF starts with an overview of what mystic ruins might entail, and then gives practical advice on how to design the dungeon by listing various effects and dangers that could be present in a location that has been infused with ancient magic.

Next up is the ‘dressing’ section, with a table full of strange and idea-inspiring things to make your mystic ruins unique and interesting (not to mention dangerous!) There are also some suggestions on how to handle characters who want to harvest magical artifacts or spell components from the dungeon itself. I probably wouldn’t have thought of something like that unless my players brought it up, so these kinds of guidelines are extremely helpful.

There are also a page listing a number of creatures that might be drawn to your magically-infused dungeon, and why they might be there. This is followed by a number of natural and magical traps or hazards that might be present in mystic ruins, as well as other strange magical effects that could occur in such a dungeon. Finally, there are a couple of adventure hooks for game masters to build upon.

The artwork complements the content nicely without taking up excessive space. As always, this product is laid out in Raging Swan’s clean and easy to read format, and both a print and screen version are included. I can definitely recommend Alternate Dungeons: Mystic Ruins to any GM who needs ideas on making that ancient wizard tower or other magical dungeon more interesting. Although the rules-related information that is given is Pathfinder-specific, I think most of the content could apply or be adapted to other games as well.

Keeping up with the Joneses #23


Shelly was so embarrassed, in fact, that she decided to just lie down and die.


Callie had been playing computer games in the room at the time.


The whole family gathered in the room as the Grim Reaper arrived to take Shelly.


Bryant pleaded with Grim, but his fight with Shelly a few minutes ago had all but destroyed their relationship, and Grim was not convinced of Bryant’s sincerity.


Grim took Shelly’s soul as her daughters wept. Bryant regretted fighting with her, but there was nothing he could do to change it now…

Minifig Monday #18: Scarecrow


This morning’s minifigure is the scarecrow from series 11. He’s not particularly intimidating with his smiling face, but he is certainly something different from your average minifig. The crow perched on his hat wasn’t scared by him either, it would seem!

Minifig Monday is a weekly post in which I feature a random LEGO minifigure from my personal collection. I have a LOT of minifigures, so I hope to keep going for a while 🙂 Unless otherwise stated, all minifigs have been photographed by me. Occasionally I might replace a Minifig Monday with a look at a full LEGO set instead.

Keeping up with the Joneses #22


Shelly realised that she loved Bryant so much that she felt able to overcome her noncommittal nature and she proposed one day.


Bryant was not in the least bit interested and coldly rejected her proposal.


Shelly tried to reason with him, and embarrassed as she was, she tried to propose again.


Bryant could not believe she was being so persistent and angrily brushed her off.


Shelly was mortified. How could her love have rejected her so harshly?

The Vault of Greed

250px-NalfeshneeAfter dispatching the mithral mage and his apprentices, the heroes moved on to the next room, which was full of golden statues in various combat poses. There was also a nalfeshnee demon present, who promised them “great rewards” in exchange for his freedom.

When the demon realised the heroes weren’t likely to free him – the monk was not fooled by his empty promises – the demon quickly summoned two vrock allies and attacked. Their screeches dazed Cecil, Radha and Ciaran right away, giving the demons the advantage. Their other demonic abilities further put the odds in their favour, but they did not expect the heroes to be protected from evil, and the sheer amount of damage done by Radha’s sneak attacks eventually wore down even the tough nalfeshnee demon. He would never have admitted it, but it was almost a relief to be released from his thousands of years spent guarding this room.

With the demons vanquished, the heroes thought they had probably dealt with the worst that the vault of greed had to offer, but in the next room they found a strange pool of water, pulsing with raw magical energy. They only realised the danger of the pool when it drained a part of Cecil’s life force (-6 ability drain to Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma). After that, they kept their distance as they tried to figure out just what the water was for. Ciaran successfully used mage hand to fill a flask with the water, after destroying a wand of scorching ray.

When they took the flask of water to the central Runeforge pool, it glowed with magic energy, but some components seemed to be missing. Ciaran conjured a magnificent mansion where they could all rest before attempting another wing of the dangerous Runeforge.