LEGO Minifig Series 13 revealed


Just spotted this picture on LEGO’s Facebook page last night. They have individual photos of each minifig on their page as well.

This set is slated for release in January, and needless to say, I can hardly wait! I think Unicorn Girl and Hot Dog Dude will probably be my favourites in series 13. Evil Sorcerer Guy also looks epic.


2 thoughts on “LEGO Minifig Series 13 revealed

  1. O man, my day has been made:) Lol !!

    I’m still enjoying series 12 with the Wizard being my fav!!

    I thought LEGO releases a series every year, any idea how come this is coming so soon?
    Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining:)!!

    • Love the series 12 wizard too! I think the evil wizard in series 13 will be a nice addition 🙂

      LEGO do normally release several series a year – last year we had the LEGO Movie set, the Simpsons set, and series 12. I think the lack of numbering for the Movie and Simpsons sets confused things a bit!

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