Keeping up with the Joneses #6


After their awesome dates, Nick just couldn’t stay away from Alexis, and sometimes showed up her house even when she was at work.


When Alexis returned from work as a Tech Guru, she immediately used her most romantic pickup line and then offered Nick a red rose.


Things went well after that…


With both of them in high spirits, Alexis decided it was time to pop the question at last.


Nick was taken completely by surprise!


Return to the Fortress of the Stone Giants

Session Date: 24 October 2014. Continued from previous session.

After Mokmurian’s life was snuffed out, the ground of Sandpoint shook, while the red dragon still wheeled overhead. Conna the Wise managed to convince the remaining stone giants to give up the attack and flee. Nu the monk went to investigate the source of the earthquake, which turned out to be a sinkhole that had swallowed half the Sandpoint garrison building. After rescuing the only sergeant on duty that night (the rest were of course engaging the giant army), Nu learned that the hole had simply appeared with no warning, taking the holding cells and an office with it, until the rubble blocked the hole completely. In the dark there was little to see, however, so the sinkhole would remain a mystery for a while. The following evening, horrible screams and howling would be heard from beneath the garrison, but for now, all was silent.

Meanwhile, the remaining red dragon was still raining fire down on the defenders of Sandpoint. When it flew low to the ground again, however, Ciaran ensnared it with golden chains, bringing the beast crashing to the ground. Cecil delivered the killing blow, bringing an end to the attack on Sandpoint. Several of the town’s leatherworkers and alchemists claimed parts of the dragon for their work. An enterprising young woman decided she would cook the dragon meat and celebrations were soon underway.


When Cecil awoke the next morning (hungover, of course), he found to his surprise that his animal companion, Nova, had grown, apparently overnight, into a large creature the size of a very big tiger. Ciaran found a leatherworker who could produce a suitable saddle for Cecil to ride Nova (as she had previously been too small for this). Armed with new gear of all sorts after looting the dead stone giants, the heroes were prepared when a messenger from the Lord-Mayor of Magnimar arrived, asking the heroes to return to Jorgenfist, clear out any remaining enemies, and claim the fortress as Magnimar’s. It could then be used as a base from which to control or destroy the giant population of the Storval Plateau.

The heroes agreed, and they teleported back to the great fortress, where they came face to face with a very surprised-looking frost giant…

Minifig Monday #5: Bandit


Today’s minifig is the bandit from series 6. He comes with a hat and two pistols and a rather cool face that shows he means business.

Minifig Monday is a weekly post in which I feature a random LEGO minifigure from my personal collection. I have a LOT of minifigures, so I hope to keep going for a while 🙂 Unless otherwise stated, all minifigs have been photographed by me. Occasionally I might replace a Minifig Monday with a look at a full LEGO set instead.

Keeping up with the Joneses #5


After the success of their first date, Alexis decided it was time to invite Nick for a date at her home. She passed the time while she waited for him by watering her small garden.


She was a little surprised when Nick showed up looking, well, older than she remembered.


Still, the chemistry was undeniable. They even had a similar sense of humour.



Another successful date sealed with a kiss! Alexis knew that Nick’s days were numbered now, so she tried to move things along as quickly as possible.

The Invasion of Varisia V

LokansirSession Date: 17 October 2014. Continued from The Invasion of Varisia IV. [This session is probably our longest ever, lasting 12 rounds of combat – about 5 hours of real time! Also, never have there been so many 1s rolled in one session (by GM and players!)]

After two weeks of waiting and preparing, Cecil, Nu and Ciaran were ready for Mokmurian’s army. They had managed to poison the giants’ food supply, reducing their numbers somewhat and weakening the remaining force – it was now the middle of winter and finding new, uncontaminated food proved a little difficult for the giants.

All the villagers from towns in the path of the giant army were evacuated to Magnimar, including the residents of Sandpoint. All those waiting in Sandpoint now were Hellknights, Jaden’s thieves guild, the militia of Sandpoint, the soldiers from Magnimar and Alamander’s knights. The town had been fortified as much as possible, and the likely points of attack were covered by the defenders.

Finally, the scouts reported that the army had been spotted near Sandpoint, and that the giants would reach the town by nightfall. Trusting their allies to guard the eastern entrances into the town, our heroes waited in the forest just south of the town, hoping the trees would limit the movement of the giants to some degree. They were joined by a rogue whose sneaking skills proved quite useful. Soon, warhorns could be heard in the distance, and the giants’ assault on Sandpoint began on three sides.

A red dragon flew overhead, but did not notice the heroes in the forest. Instead, our heroes had to contend with a continuous stream of stone giants, runeslave hill giants, dire bears, a taiga giant, a lamia, and the monstrous Lokansir, a huge hill giant. From behind his allies, Mokmurian created a fog bank to obscure the heroes vision and slow them down.

Undaunted (but still cautious after Cecil’s recent reincarnation as an orc), our heroes used Ciaran’s invisibility and blur spells to their advantage, taking down the enemies as they came. When Conna the Wise appeared alongside Mokmurian, Ciaran hoped she would switch sides as they had discussed so long ago under Jorgenfist. She realised she wouldn’t be able to fight Mokmurian directly though, and flew off to dissuade giants on the other fronts to give up the attack.

After numerous fireballs and other deadly attacks, Mokmurian decided it was time to flee. Before he could do this, however, his body was apparently possessed, and another spoke through his mouth, taunting the heroes with the words, “So these are the heroes of the age. More like gasping worms to me – worms to be crushed back into the earth when I awaken the armies of Xin-Shalast, when the name Karzoug is again spoken with fear and awe. Know that the deaths of those marked by the Sihderon – the giants you have so conveniently slain for me – hasten my return, just as yours soon will. Fools, all of you. Is this all you could manage in ten thousand years?”

With that, Mokmurian’s body fell to the ground, lifeless. The heroes had at last triumphed over the foe they had been after for so long. Unfortunately there was no time yet to savour the victory, as battles still raged elsewhere in Sandpoint, and the very ground shook for reasons unknown.

Minifig Monday #4: Thespian


This morning’s minfig is the ‘thespian’ from series 8. He comes with a little skull and a rather snazzy outfit, but my favourite thing about him is his expression. And the ‘stache, of course!

Minifig Monday is a weekly post in which I feature a random LEGO minifigure from my personal collection. I have a LOT of minifigures, so I hope to keep going for a while 🙂 Unless otherwise stated, all minifigs have been photographed by me. Occasionally I might replace a Minifig Monday with a look at a full LEGO set instead.

Keeping up with the Joneses #4


In her exploration of Willow Creek, Alexis soon discovered a practically limitless source of wealth – for Sims who took the time and effort required to dig for it. After selling a few artifacts she dug up, Alexis was able to expand her home a little bit.


Unfortunately, she nearly burned to death on her first attempt to use her new stove.


After her brush with death by fire, Alexis decided to call Nick and ask him on a date. They met up at the local nightclub. For some reason, Cassandra Goth thought it would be a good idea to join them at their table…


Nevertheless, the date went well, and Alexis was able to seal the deal with a kiss!


She celebrated her first successful date with Nick by adding a lounge to her home and dancing to her brand new stereo.