More Sims 4 Videos + Recommended Specs

There’s just over a week until The Sims 4 releases here in South Africa (and less than a week before its US release), and EA has released even more promo videos, including a launch trailer and their amusing ‘Sims 4 Academy’ lessons. I’ve collected all of these into the playlist below:

They’ve also released the minimum and recommended PC specs on the official FAQ. I’m slightly concerned that my CPU may not be up to the task, but I suppose I’ll find out next week!

If you’ve downloaded the Sims 4 Create-a-Sim demo, you can also participate in the CAS challenges.


3 thoughts on “More Sims 4 Videos + Recommended Specs

  1. I wanted to hold off until after release to get my paws on the Sims 4. Apparently they have a review only after release embargo on the game.
    Alas, I got a mail from my fiance telling me she pre-ordered the game for me!

      • She is, to be honest. 95% of my cool toys, action figures and statues comes from her via gifts etc.
        Though The Sims 4 was kind of a make up gift after a fight…

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