Smith Legacy–Home Lot

Since The Sims 4 is nearly upon us, that means my Sims 3 Smith legacy will be coming to an end. I did manage to finish building and furnishing their new home on their original legacy lot, so I thought I’d show it off! I’m a pretty lazy builder, so I’m pretty proud of myself for finishing this house. Click on the images if you want a larger view.







I’m really looking forward to the improved build mode in The Sims 4!


2 thoughts on “Smith Legacy–Home Lot

  1. Now that is how you build a home for your Sims! Just love the balconies going around the front of the house!
    And the pool and pond is also quite a nice touch! Well done!
    Pity the Sims games does not have an import function like Mass Effect does. It would have been cool to be able to import sims and lots from previous games.
    I am both excited and nervous for the Sims 4 release. Excited because, you know, it is the Sims and all, but nervous.
    I just get the idea this time around we are going to be “treated” to a microtransactions-esque game, with the microtransactions masked as DLC… I hope not. This is the one game of the year I WANT to be awesome!

    • Thank you! I thought my last Sims 3 house should be something other than my normal ‘square box’ design 😉

      I too am feeling equal amounts of excitement and nerves leading up the Sims 4 release. I’m hoping EA/Maxis have learnt from the disaster that was the SimCity launch!

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