Sims 4 Videos

Unfortunately real life has interrupted my Sims 3 legacy challenge a bit, so today I’m going to share a few Sims 4 videos to keep you going. Today is the 6th of August, meaning The Sims 4 is less than a month away! So, without further ado, some videos!

The playlist above has all the official Sims 4 videos, most of which are short and pretty entertaining.

The following video is by The Sim Supply, answering some questions about The Sims 4 build mode:

This one from the Sims Network has a bunch of new screenshots and some new music from the game 🙂

Found this cool video with an actual walkthrough of build mode, which looks really awesome. Especially the gallery feature, which allows you to import lots or rooms straight into your game without any of that fiddly ‘download from the Store, install with launcher’ business of Sims 3.

I really like what I’m seeing and hearing about The Sims 4, and really can’t wait to get my hands on it!


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