Smith Legacy–Chapter Twenty-One


Soren and Alexandra decided it was time they had an adventure vacation of their own, and they headed off for Champs Le Sims.


Alexandra took on a quest to uncover an ancient treasure. She also picked some of the local fruits and vegetables, local recipe books, and a nectar making machine.


Soren had a bit of a tougher time as he explored the Landgraab mansion. There were a large number of booby traps waiting for him, and he nearly died of electrocution several times. He decided that perhaps adventuring was not for him.


A peaceful sleep on his bed at home was much more rewarding.


The girls were growing up so fast. Megan’s birthday passed with little fanfare, but Miranda seemed to have trouble letting go of her childhood. Despite the cake Elizabeth bought her, and the party the family threw, she refused to grow up.


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