Help Me Get Lego; Help YOU Get Lego

There are some great Lego sets out there, but today I’d like to mention two that caught my eye recently.

First up, the Back to the Future Delorean set. The car can be customised to look like the variants used in each of the three films, and the set includes minifigs of Doc Brown and Marty McFly.
I usually get my Lego from Blox Universe, but as they are a small seller, they don’t carry all the stock available in shops. When ordering sets not currently in stock, they need to get enough interest to buy a box. In the case of the Back to the Future set, a box contains 6 sets. That means I need to find five more people who want to buy this set so that I can get one! To help people afford these sets, the are giving discounts when buying a whole box.
The BTTF set retails for R599, but Blox Universe are offering them at R550. As an added bonus, if you reference me (Abigail Holden or TriangularRoom), you get free standard postage (with a tracking number) anywhere in SA.
If you are interested in getting this Back to the Future set from Blox Universe, drop them an email, or leave a note on their Facebook page, or even comment here. Please remember to use me as a reference (Abigail Holden or TriangularRoom) if you do decide to order through them to get free postage.
MinecraftBlox Universe is also currently selling the Minecraft sets. There are several sets in this series, and Blox Universe has offered me a similar deal. This means if you really want to build with blocks while away from your PC, we should make a plan to get enough people together to get these sets. Seriously, one of the sets has a PIG! They have limited stock currently available on the Minecraft “The Forest” set (shown right), retail is R399, reference me and you can get one for R360 including postage.
Me? I want these sets. I need them. Please don’t make me explain to my husband why I bought six Deloreans. He might just go back in time to stop me.

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