Smith Legacy–Chapter Ten


As time passed, the Smiths were able to better cope with Quinn’s death. Elizabeth found simple joy in caring for the chickens in the coop around the back of the house.


With everything that had been happening, not to mention the loss of an income, the family forgot about their bills… and it wasn’t long before the repo man came to collect. He repossessed several items around the house, most notably the stove. This upset Alexandra in particular, as she was well on her way to becoming an impressive chef.


Elizabeth, on the other hand, was trying out a wide variety of skills to see what caught her interest. She thought glass blowing and jewellery-making might be for her, but her ever-changing moods meant she soon lost interest.


Meanwhile, Magenta kept working towards her lifelong dream of using her fairy powers to ‘bloom’ 100 plants. It was tiring work, but she kept at it.


The ever-present threat of zombies during the full moon led Magenta to construct a fence around the few plants that needed to be grown outside of the safety of the house. Fortunately, zombies aren’t very clever and cannot climb small fences.


3 thoughts on “Smith Legacy–Chapter Ten

  1. Are zombies like the snails of the Sims – destroying plants? Is there a way to make sims fulfilled in Sims 3 without getting the life time goal? My life goals are ridiculous so just trying to satisfy them with a bunch of small tasks.

    • Yup, that pretty much sums zombies up! They don’t do much except eat unsuspecting plants, and attack sims. I just keep my sims and plants indoors on full moons!

      Keeping sims happy is pretty easy in Sims 3. Fulfilling simple wishes is generally much easier than most of the lifetime goals. In Sims 3, the sims also have little ‘moodlets’ (can’t remember if there was something similar in Sims 2) that affect their mood. So if they have a nice shower or a good night’s sleep or a nice meal, their mood goes up for several hours. Similarly, bad moodlets like death of family and bad food etc push their mood down. So their moods are fairly easy to manage unless they get struck by lightning or eat bad food or haven’t slept etc 😉

      • Nah nothing like that in Sims 2. I remember it being one of the few things I really liked about Sims 3. Personally hoping Sims 4 is a combo of the best of both 🙂

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