Smith Legacy–Chapter Nine

Now that the kids were older, it was time for Magenta to get back to work, as she still desperately wanted to become a world-renowned surgeon. This meant putting in extra hours at a free clinic in the park.


The days seemed to pass in a blur, but Magenta had many, many more than mere mortal sims [about five times more!]. This point was driven home as Quinn’s time ran out one day after work. The love of her life died alone in the snow, with only some stranger to witness his passing.


Smith9-02aThe family was devastated, of course. Each sim had their own way of dealing with Quinn’s death. Alexandra turned to her childhood toy, Cuddles, who turned out to be a rather special toy indeed! Her new friend followed her everywhere, and she felt like she could cope with her father’s death a little better.

Magenta was truly heartbroken, and the only way she was able to deal with the loss was to focus on her children. With Soren away at boarding school, Elizabeth and Alexandra felt the brunt of Magenta’s new crusade. Exercise became an important part of the family’s life, as Magenta hoped they would grow up to be healthy teens.


It wasn’t long before the twins did grow up to become teens. Elizabeth (left with pink skin) was certainly the more beautiful of the two, though she was prone to bouts of instability. Alexandra (right with pale skin) was much more grounded, but Magenta still didn’t know who would make a better heir.


It troubled Magenta that both were fairies. She really wanted to have a normal family, and did not want her daughters to feel the pain of loss as she had felt with Quinn’s passing.


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