Smith Legacy–Chapter Six

The few days of Magenta’s pregnancy flew by… almost as if someone had sped up time…


Needless to say, the baby was a boy, rather than the girl that Magenta so desperately wanted – and needed – to continue her legacy. Still, she named him Soren and decided to enroll him in military school at the first opportunity.


Later, while working on improving her skills, Magenta spontaneously caught fire… the only logical explanation was that lightning struck her while she was on the… veranda…?


Fortunately Quinn was on hand with a fire extinguisher! It would have been rather tragic if the Smith family legacy had ended with the fiery death of the first generation.


So, after some fertility treatments and her brush with death, Magenta wanted to try for a girl. While listening to a podcast about gardening. Hooray for technology?


Meanwhile, little Soren grew up into a cute little fairy toddler with giant yellow eyes. Perhaps the next baby will inherit Magenta’s more interesting colouring?


6 thoughts on “Smith Legacy–Chapter Six

    • What would have happened to Soren if both parents had died before he grew up? I wonder how the game engine would have handled that?

      • I’ve never had it happen, but I imagine the social worker might come collect the child after the game figures out that there are no adults. So tempted to test this out now… (on another family, of course!)

      • Yea that would have to happen I guess because a toddler can’t really do anything to look after him/herself so maybe the social worker would arrive when the kid started starving. But if it was a child then maybe it would be able to live off snacks until the fridge ran out of stock and if you had a fridge that was modded to never run out of stock then maybe it would take a while for the game to notice… I also kind of want to experiment now!

      • I know what you mean. I missed the opportunity to take a photo of my “husband” dreaming about another man surrounded in hearts…

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