Smith Legacy–Chapter Five

Magenta wasted little time in marrying Quinn. Unfortunately, by his normal-human-lifespan standards, she took her sweet time. Quinn was an elder by the time the wedding finally arrived!


Still, that didn’t stop the newlyweds from getting straight down to business. The family legacy was at stake, after all. And sure enough, a few days later, Magenta discovered she was pregnant!


Now that the Smith family has two incomes instead of just one, the Smiths are moving up in the world. They’ve managed to finish the construction of their family home.


Unfortunately, the Spartan interior still left much to be desired. Still, it gave Magenta and Quinn something to work towards… furnishings, wallpaper… windows and doors…


There’s only a few days left until the first Smith child is born. Will it be the girl that Magenta is secretly hoping for?


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