Smith Legacy–Chapter Four


There have been some strange sights in Dragon Valley, but this picnic happening in the middle of the eating contest stand is definitely one of the weirdest so far…


After some thought, Magenta decided to propose to Quinn. Of course, he said yes. Then Magenta threw herself a bachelorette party. However, there was one unexpected guest at the party. This dancer came complete with a proper fire engine, and his own spotlight. He wasn’t too bad a dancer either, though he was probably pretty chilly in that outfit in the middle of winter…


Smith-Chapter4-04Once the snow had melted, Magenta discovered another oddity gracing her front lawn. The gnome had seemingly appeared from nowhere… But since Magenta managed to sell him for nearly 1,000 simoleans, she wasn’t complaining.

Now, to plan for the wedding!


Digital Character Sheets

Google Docs has made a huge difference for my GMing, and I recently came across some awesome templates that others have created. There are quite a few out there, but these PC Character Sheet templates ended up being the ones I used for the PCs in my gaming group. They now all have digital character sheets, which actually helped us spot some errors on the paper character sheets.

I thought I may as well share the online character sheets for the PCs in my gaming group. They’re currently level 10:

It took a long time to convert each PC’s paper character sheet to the digital one, but I’m hoping it will be worth it in the long run.

I’m forever making NPCs for my campaign, and creating stats for them, even when said NPC doesn’t even need full stats… So I created an NPC stat block template in Google Docs to make it easier for me to create them on my iPad or wherever.

Smith Legacy–Chapter Three

From humble beginnings, Magenta has slowly started to make some money for herself. She started by taking a job in the Science career track, but a few days later, she was offered a position in the Medical field. She decided to take it and see how she fared as a doctor.


I managed to lay down the foundations and the first floor of her house (based on a plan I found online). As she earned more money, I added more rooms and eventually doors, windows, wallpaper and flooring. She won’t be living in this house for quite a while yet.


Magenta decided to ask Quinn, the werewolf she met in the park, out on a date. Things were going well, so Magenta decided to go for a ‘heat of the moment kiss’. It worked and the date was a success!


Back in the park, Magenta’s main hangout due to its food and entertainment options that she lacked at home, Magenta came across a man needing medical attention. She quickly whipped out her new medical equipment and gave him some rather questionable assistance.


Since he was single and a fairy, rather than an undesirable werewolf, Magenta decided to go for the ‘heat of the moment kiss’ that had worked so well for her with Quinn. Needless to say, this gentleman was not even remotely interested! Magenta tried to handle his rejection gracefully…ish… She decided Quinn would make a good partner for her after all.

New GM – Saving the world one village at a time

Shocker Lizard Caverns

Cecil the ranger and his loyal companion Nova take on a cave full of shocker lizards.

After surviving their encounter with the dragon, our heroes decided to move on to helping the next set of people in need. They’d already received a clue mentioning a village called Turtleback Ferry from their battle with Xanesha. Then the mayor of Magnimar sent them a request to find out why no word had been received from the rangers protecting the village and surrounds.

After several encounters involving half-ogre hillbillies, retaking a fort from ogres, stopping a plot to break the nearby dam wall and flood the town of Turtleback Ferry, the heroes headed up to the ogre stronghold in the mountains. It was at this point that we had a new player come and check out our game. He chose to control the sorcerer’s cohort, an oracle of the heavens.

The battle with the leader of the ogre clan, a stone giant necromancer named Barl Breakbones, took nearly the entire session. A few interesting things happened during the fight. The PCs demonstrated the need for good tactics when taking on powerful spellcasters. The monk was knocked unconscious by a nasty critical hit from Barl and was only a couple of rounds from bleeding to death and being resurrected as a zombie. The oracle made clever use of her moonlight bridge revelation to help everyone overcome the difficult terrain in the room. She also turned herself invisible to sneak up and heal the monk – unfortunately turning herself into a target and ending up permanently blinded. The ranger and his companion were both seriously wounded by this point as well, the ranger having suffered a ray of enfeeblement attack, seriously affecting his damage-dealing ability, and preventing him from using his composite longbow.

Eventually it was the sorcerer who used dimension door to get everyone to safety so they could heal up and return to finish Barl off. With the help of an invisibility spell and, of course, a fireball or two, they were able to do just that. They were, however, unable to interrogate the defeated giant, as the sorcerer killed him in a fit of rage over the destruction of his perfectly-groomed goatee as he too received a fireball in the face.

All in all, it was a rather exciting session, though I was very worried for a while that I was going to kill the party! Of course, the danger for our heroes is never over, as they learned from a letter found among Barl’s belongings that the giants are planning an attack on Sandpoint.

Smith Legacy–Chapter Two

After her harrowing encounter with the zombie, Magenta decides to get some fresh air and heads to the festival grounds. Here she takes part in a hotdog eating competition to drown her sorrows and fill her tummy.

Synchronised eating competition

More disturbing than the way the three contestants ate in perfect synchronisation was the fact that the blue-haired kid actually won.

Love at first random encounter

After losing to a child in the eating competition, Magenta starts scouting the park for prospective mates. Eventually she meets Quinn, a journalist who also happens to be a werewolf. However, he’s the very first single Sim that Magenta has encountered, so she reckons he’ll do.

Also seen in the image above is the secret to Magenta’s slightly increased wealth: wildflowers. These sprout up all over town, but are particularly prevalent in this park. As a fairy and possessing the gatherer trait, Magenta is happy to spend hours picking these, selling them for a little profit (the rarer flowers can earn several hundred simoleans each).

There's no place like home

With her wildflower profit, Magenta is able to upgrade her home a little bit. She now has a fridge, sink, bookshelf, chair and an outdoor shower. Plus, she was even able to afford a fairy house, where fairies can sleep and hang out drinking pollen punch and throwing wild fairy parties.

Gardening in the town

Meanwhile, things are not going so well for Magenta’s aspiration of being a magnificent gardener. In fact, after attacking her the other night, the zombies at the one little plant she had managed to buy and plant outside her home. She’s since decided to wait until she can afford a greenhouse (and perhaps, a proper house for herself) and do her planting indoors where they will be safe from the zombies and the elements.

In the meantime, she’s honing her gardening skills in one of the ‘parks’ in town that just happened to be full of fruit and vegetables waiting to be harvested.

Smith Legacy–Chapter One

Magenta Smith is a Sim of humble origins who plans to leave her mark on the world of Dragon Valley by establishing a long line of descendants. Ten generations, to be precise. 


She’s purchased 32 Lugh Lane in a quiet corner of Dragon Valley, using most of her modest family fortune to buy this 64×64 plot. (The challenge requires the Sim to start with only 1,300 Simoleons, so I bought a bunch of trees to use up the extra cash.)

The first order of business is of course building somewhere to live. Her limited funds translates into a miniscule home with the barest of furnishings.


Even with her low expectations, however, Magenta is still not very impressed with what she’s ended up with… Which means it’s time to find a job. As soon as the paper arrives, Magenta takes a job in the Science career track. She then spends her first few days living off picnic baskets left unguarded in the park, and taking her showers at the gym.


Magenta has been trying to meet everyone she comes across, hoping to find a suitable partner who can help her bring in the next generation of Smiths. Sure, the locals are a little strange, but she definitely wasn’t prepared for this zombie attack on the night of the first full moon!


Poor Magenta. Hopefully things will improve for her over the next few days.

Sims 3 Legacy Challenge

With all my Lego blogging having moved over to, and my Pathfinder game happening at erratic intervals, I have been wondering what to actually blog about here! Then it came to me: The Sims 4 is coming out later this year, and I have yet to complete a legacy challenge in The Sims 3.

You may be wondering just what a legacy challenge is. Simply put, it’s a long-term challenge involving ten generations of a Sim family starting from a single founder. No cheats are allowed, nor is moving to a new house, nor even creating your own Sims to marry into the family. You cannot increase your Sim’s lifespan by any means, and if your heir dies before producing a new heir, that’s it!

The full rules of the Sims Legacy Challenge can be found on this website. I’ve started a legacy before, but found myself interrupted by the arrival of new expansion/stuff packs for review, and the strange bugs that can sometimes cause. So now that there are no more expansions for The Sims 3, I thought it was time to finally attempt one of these challenges.

Due to the limited amount of free time I seem to have these days, I’ll probably only be able to play the game for any hour here and there, but I’ll try tot update the blog as regularly as I can with my progress. I’ll also be discussing the specific rules/goals I’ve set for myself as I go.

So, without further ado, I introduce you to my legacy founder, Magenta Smith.


She’s a very pink fairy who really just wants to be a normal girl. Unfortunately for Magenta, the town of Dragon Valley is far from normal! She’s family oriented, good, a gatherer, artistic and nurturing. Hopefully this means she’ll be able to bring in the second generation of the Smith family without too many problems!

Next time, I’ll be moving her into one of the biggest lots in Dragon Valley, and trying to find her some work, and perhaps a romantic interest.