GM Essentials–Pawns


One of the things I’m always on the lookout for is something to represent characters and monsters in my Pathfinder games. So far, I have tried Lego minifigs, prepainted miniatures, and cardboard pawns. While all work reasonably well, the best I have found to suit my budget is the Pathfinder Pawns (shown above).

Paizo has released a line of versatile cardboard pawns that cater for a wide range of situations. Their first pawns came with their Beginner Box, offering a nice starter collection of monsters and NPCs or PCs. Then they produced the Bestiary Box, which contained a massive number of monsters from their first Bestiary. They have just released pawns for the NPC Codex, giving you a wide variety of characters to represent both your PCs and NPCs. Between these two, you’re off to a great start.

But Paizo didn’t stop there. They’ve also made pawn collections for several of their adventure paths, including Rise of the Runelords. While I really like my small collection of RotR prepainted miniatures, buying this set guarantees I will get all the characters I need, without duplicates and without breaking the bank. I’m really looking forward to expanding my pawn collection with these products. I never did enjoy substituting pawns that looked ‘kinda like’ the monster my PCs were facing.


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