New GM – Session 4


After a longer than usual break from the game, both the players and the game master were a bit rusty. I was quite nervous as I wasn’t sure I could remember everything that I had prepped (even with my notes and the adventure path book in front of me!) I hadn’t had time to read as much as I would have liked, and in the end I only managed to read up on the details of the town of Sandpoint. Still, this gave me a feel for the locations and NPCs in the area.

Fresh from the goblin raid on Sandpoint, our heroes were ready for their next challenge (after a bit of healing from the town cleric, that is). I particularly enjoyed the boar hunt with Aldern Foxglove, as his keen interest in our heroic monk was really rather fun to roleplay. Their investigations soon led them to Sandpoint Glassworks, where the first real combat of the session took place.

I must admit, my players did something I didn’t expect for this fight, breaking a window and attacking from outside the building. This created something of a bottleneck for both players and enemies. It also meant I had to figure out new tactics for the enemies, as this wasn’t covered in the book! (It also meant that my carefully drawn battle map wasn’t really used!)

The next part was the biggest learning exercise for me, however. I had neglected to read over the boss’s stat block as carefully as I should have, meaning I couldn’t take advantage of all his abilities, such as his sneak attack and high manoeuvrability, effectively dooming him to be killed or captured in the fight. While his capture wasn’t a bad outcome for the PCs, it did mean that the fight wasn’t as challenging as it could have been.

All in all, a fun session with some nice opportunities for me to see where I can improve for next time.


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