New GM – Session 3


For my third session, I had several weeks to prepare, and I was a bit more confident in what I wanted to do. So I picked up my Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition and started reading the first chapter. I felt I wanted to know how the chapter turned out before starting, though this alone took me a long time! By the time game night came along, I only had a few days to re-read the sections I thought we were going to cover in that session and make a few notes.

Even with all my preparation, I still felt extremely nervous. I had notes, maps, tokens, sound clips, player handouts… Admittedly, when we actually got to playing the game, we didn’t get nearly as far as I had expected, so I suppose I was a bit over-prepared! However, this gave me a lot more confidence, which I think was important to my and my players’ enjoyment of the game.

Needless to say, my PCs had a great time at the Sandpoint Swallowtail festival, enjoying the various games I found in Wayfinder #7 (via the Paizo messageboards for this AP). When it came to combat, things went rather well, and thanks to some horrible rolls by the PCs (three fumbles in a row by the monk!), the challenge rating was just about right, even though the PCs were already second level.

In preparation for my upcoming sessions, I’ll be reading as much as I can of the rest of the campaign – I’ve already started by reading the synopses for each chapter. Closer to the time I’ll recap what I think we’ll cover in that session, but for now, I’m quite excited to see how things turn out.

While the monk has been excelling in combat, our ranger has suffered from a series of bad rolls, so I’ll also be thinking of alternative ways to use his out-of-combat skills. I can’t wait until fourth level when he gets to go looking for a pet. He’s chosen the beastmaster archetype, so the entire range of animal companions will be available to him.


3 thoughts on “New GM – Session 3

  1. Nice. Are you playing as part of a Pathfinder Society campaign? We’re preparing to play some Pathfinder Society sessions and Rise of the Runelords sounds cool. Who would you recommend it for?

    • No, this is just a private game at home – I think I need lots of practice before volunteering for PFS!
      I think Rise of the Runelords is very nice for new players (and GMs!) as it starts off relatively simple, is based in a vibrant town with plenty of NPCs to interact with, and eventually builds up into a truly epic campaign. If players or characters are interested in ancient civilizations and magics, I think they’ll particularly enjoy this adventure path 🙂

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